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How to make wicca rituals

Creation of own ritual is the most important and the most difficult aspect in Wicca practice. Not surprisingly, this is also the most controversial issue, especially considering different traditions of Wicca, whether they are Georgian, Dianic, Alexandrian or Gardnerian. Solitary Wicca practitioner would definitely be confused with different recommendation and guidelines. Especially if one believes in One Correct Way to do things and writing spell seems impossible or even scary.
There’s no doubt, Wicca ritual is not routine event and should be performed properly. However, there is no One Correct Way to write ritual, simply because there’s no single form of magic. Magic is everywhere and you can apply as you wish and how you do wish. Just dedicate yourself and practice. However, it’s worth mentioning that making working wicca ritual takes time and practice. This article will provide you some basic rules and step-by-step guide for creating wicca ritual.

Bullet points of ritual creation were reviewed in my Wicca guide, while in this article I will provide more detailed explanation of my “3R rule to create Wicca ritual” as a framework for ritual creation and for your practice. I will not discuss group rituals, since this is even more controversial issue considering different covens have different rules and traditions. I also will not discuss rituals devoted to specific events, e.g Sabbaths and Esbats. I do not like group rituals because they often tend to be so dramatic that in fact turn into farce.

Rule 1: Respect.
Everything connected to ritual must show respect to Craft, Gods, and Powers. Under items I mean: spell, your behavior, physical and psychical conditions, dress code, tools and inventories, your space. In most cases you should demonstrate respect with hard work. For example if you write spell, use rhymes and word combinations of old English. Poetry is very popular “spell language” not only it’s beautiful and rhymes create specific mental vibrations, which stimulate your power, but also because this is the most evident demonstration of your love and respect.

I do not believe in Wiccans who perform rituals in poor physical conditions. If one can not maintain own body, how he can manage powers ? It does not mean, wiccan should be as strong as Mohammed Ali on the peak of his career, however, simple diseases like flu or caries demonstrate your inability to manage power. To the extreme extent, you must demonstrate respect with healthy lifestyle and diet. I do not imply specific dieting or exercises, but that should be something which keeps body healthy and strong.

Rule 2: Reason.
You must fully understand and carefully elaborate goal of the ritual. For many traditions will is the only constituent of magick action. It may not work for you, because you need visualization not only of own goal, but also of Powers and Gods. So we add inventories and tools into ritual and long lasting traditions help us to utilize maximum and reach stated goal. It may sound shocking, but ritual is a tricky matter: if you state wrong goal, you will reach wrong result. For example, 100% health can not be goal of your ritual, if you are not medical doctor. Because only professional can gather and analyze all aspect of ones physical state and make conclusion what is 100% health for specific person without legs can also have healthy on 100%. All remained organs; so if you have varicose vein problems, think about it…

Rule 3: Run.
Just do it. I have read tons of paper about magic and how it works; however most authors failed to present even the smallest example of practical results. This is the same as learn car driving on computer. You may learn the dirtiest tricks playing NFS, but if you try to repeat the simplest one, the nearest tree will be yours. Perform ritual and analyze its short and long term results, redesign and repeat ritual again (in a cyclical run) if it did not work. It sounds too general, but regular practice is essential in Wicca. If you do not have specific goal – learn consecration, meditation, visualization, astral travel.

Of course, my “3 R rule” sounds also too general to be sure it produces successful ritual, however, you definitely will not manage results without following generic rules. And now let’s talk about specifics of ritual: preparation, timing, tools and inventories

Preparation for wicca ritual: you need to cleanse your space and yourself, prepare tools and inventories and set up your altar. Usually this involves calling Earth, Air, Fire, Water, calling the God and Goddess, casting Circle.

Cleansing means cleaning from physical and elemental dirt. You may use household appliances for physical cleaning and purification ceremonies to clean aura and space from negatives. Very often cleansing uses salt and moon water (water collected under fool moon). Cleansing is one of indicators of your respect in Wicca ritual.

Use a checklist to be sure you have gathered all instruments and inventories (sorry, but if I want to start discussion about how to select instrument and inventories for wicca ritual, I would need to write a novel, not article on this topic). As a rule of thumb: you always need your knife (athame), matches, incense and candle holders, so I often do not mention them at all instructing people before ritual. Setting up the altar is pretty self-explanatory: if you have a permanent one, shuffle your tools around to suit your working; temporary altar involves more careful preparation. As a rule of thumb: your altar always have 2 candles and pentacle.

Calling the Gods may appear as asking for the Lord and Lady to be present at your working, thanking them, asking for help. There are lot of sources you can turn to for inspiration in your invocations; this applies also to Casting Circle as the last step in preparation for ritual. There's nothing wrong to use other people’s work, especially if sources are respectful.

This was just a beginning of my attempt to elaborate and summarize successful knowledge of Wicca in series of articles. I hope this article has demystified the process of wicca ritual creation, helped boost your confidence and stimulated you to learn craft. You also may want to explore my Wicca software here: http://ewicca.net
To be continued.
About me: I develop Wicca software and ritual for 20 years, if you want to receive some consultation or see examples of work, visit my site http://ewicca.net

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