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Sigil Magick

Sigil magick works in few stages:• Form a desire: you need to be precise and specific. Generic terms like "I want money" would not work.
• Write out the desire on a piece of paper: "I want salary increase by ten percent from March"
• Rewrite the desire,omitting repeated letters: "I want slry ce b p fom h"
• Rearrange the remained letters into an arbitrary, abstract glyph:

• Enter a state of great excitement or cairn: intensive deep breathing, meditation, dancing, pain, sex.
• Visualize the sigil (glyph) on the peak of altered state (full brainwash, maximum pain, orgasm)
• Forget the sigil, burn the paper

Abstract glyphs are used because they are easy to forget. However you can use anything as a manifestation of your desire: item associated with it, word, number, or image, or combination of the above.

Sigil Magick

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