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Is it ethical to cast love spells?

Love spells are the most popular in search statistics of wicca  and witchcraft terms. Honestly speaking, this is not surprise considering the simple fact, that the most popular in global search are words related to sex and love.
Love spells are also the most popular among all offered by various occult practitioners, from shamans to wiccans. However, such popularity may pose a serious question at least to followers of wicca tradition: is it ethical to cast love spell ?  Since the core of wicca is “free will of all” and “harm no one”.

Love spells are hardly be attributed to those which do not impact free will of other people, and to some extent- which cause harm no one.  If you analyze any  wicca love spell, for example, with  affirmation like this: "My desire Jeanette to love me", you will discover intrusion into personal life. Like in case with this pure Jeanette. I strongly disagree with those who claim “some love spells are ethical, and some are not”.  For example, spells which make the caster feel more attractive or more confident are considered as conforming to social ethics, or even just “good” and “safe”.  Such spells are even often compared to getting a makeover or haircut.

First of all, that there’s no such thing as good or safe magic, because practitioner deals with matters (Gods, powers) which naturally are not good or bad.  For those who want  peg a stone at me, I remind another important principle of wicca: “bad side of” simply does not exists. So any your instrument, whether   this is athame or spell, can not be good or bad, ethical or unethical.  Such differentiation can be applied only to intentions and results of your magic rituals.

Secondly, craft is not routine activity like changing hair color and, regardless what are you going to achieve with magic ritual, you always enter area of supernatural. This area also can not be “safe or good”, this is just another level or existence, explored hardly on fraction of percent.  It means, entering ritual with attitude identical to that when you enter grocery store, may bring unpredictable results, including undesired ones.

Considering the above mentioned, you may ask  pose a question: what is the purpose of this esoteric article, if author obviously reject the craft itself.  The answer is simple: the goal of this article is to illustrate neutrality of any wicca ritual, considering example of love spells.  

Ethics of you actions, including wicca rituals is in your intentions. Casting love spells with desire to find partner for yourself or for your unhappy client means entering game when other side is also looking for partner or is unhappy alone. Lonely hearts strive to be engaged, because this is natural.  Even if you try to attract attention of your schoolmate casting love spell, this is ethical. You are not acting against his will, because he also wants to be attracted. Because this is nature of a mankind.

Many people would start complaining reading the above paragraph and presenting examples when love spells ruin families and make people suffer. Sorry guys, I wrote this article for those who are going to practice witchcraft and are really concerned with ethics, but not to make universal reply. There’s no such thing as universal truth.
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  1. Love spells has helped lots and lots of people and many got married as results of these spells though some may not agree but those who agrees do